Abstract Art, Original Paintings, Mixed Media, and Still Life, is a website dedicated to showcasing the contemporary art of Award Winning, Florida Artist, Jamie R. Morhaim. An abstract painting is a nonobjective, artistic composition, made by applying paints to a painting surface. Its artistic content "depends on internal form, rather than pictorial representation." The words abstract, abstraction, abstractedness, and abstractionism, for example, refer to " a concept or idea not associated with any specific instances.' According to A.N. Whitehead, something that is abstracted is " taken out of or separated from possibility." The Contemporary abstract artist-painter, therefore, creates nonobjective, art-paintings in a style typical of the late 20th century and the early 21st century. A style that was both a natural outgrowth and at the same time a rejection of Modern Art. The artistic movement of Modern Art, is exemplified by the artwork of Picasso, Braque, Matisse, and the surreal paintings of Miro. Thus, like the Abstract Expressionism movement, that emerged in N.Y.C. in the late 1940's, typified by the paintings of Willem DeKooning, Jackson Pollack, and Arshille Gorky, there was a definite departure from the traditional artistic rules of value, composition, and linear perspective that was so vehemently professed by the Classical Renaissance Artists like, Leonardo DaVinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo.

Indeed, Abstract Painter Jamie Morhaim, specializes in the creation of original, mixed media, abstract paintings. These abstractions, are skillfully rendered using the so called mixed media technique. This modern artistic approach, especially the use of collage, was initially developed by Picasso and Braque. By exploring various media and materials, the modern and contemporary artist is able to enhance the color, form, and textural aspects of each piece of original artwork. Thus, by using various amounts of acrylic paint, oil paint, collage, and traditional conte crayon, abstract artist Jamie R Morhaim seems to virtually breathe life into the once inanimate blank canvas. Moreover, through his bold use of Van Gogh-like color, the geometric cubist forms of Picasso and Braque, and the elegant compositional elements of Matisse, artist Jamie Morhaim paints powerful examples of original, contemporary, abstract art. Furthermore, although Jamie Morhaim is a self taught artist with an unconventional artistic background, his resume is truly impressive. By continuing to view his website, you will be able to read more about the artistic achievements of Jamie Morhaim, his current exhibitions, awards, and newsworthy accomplishments. Indeed, in a recent emediawire.com press release dated December 30, 2004, you can read the following: “By visiting the artists (Jamie R Morhaim) updated website www.morhaimart.com, you will be able to view his captivating original abstract mixed media paintings”.

Abstract Artwork is also available for sale and auction. Jamie R Morhaims original, abstract, mixed media paintings, and still life are regularly offered for sale and auction to private and corporate collectors. By visiting Jamie Morhaim's Gallery Pages on this website, his Ebay Store, and The Florida Artists Registry Gift Shop, you too can own his original abstract paintings. Prints, posters, novelty, and gift items, depicting “Award Winning Art”, can now also be purchased at Jamie Morhaim's The Abstract Art Shop, on CafePress.com online store. Please enjoy your visit! JAMIE R MORHAIM WWW.MORHAIMART.COM